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In 2016, HWC Logistics celebrates its 35th year in business. Dedicated to providing quality and reliable service to our customers, our business is committed to being a powerful partner to all we serve.

From our humble beginnings as a single courier to our vision today of being a single source provider of Distribution, Warehousing, Transportation, Import & Export services, please see how our business has progressed below.

1981 – Hartsfield is started by Mike Owens as a courier company with a single vehicle. We transport documents from the Customs Brokers to the airlines, Customs, banks and the steamship lines.

1984 – Atlanta Customs opens the first “Model Inland Port” and Hartsfield is selected to run the inspection dock. This is the precursor to the first CES station.

1986 – We open our first warehouse which is 5,000 square feet and start the first CFS and Bonded Warehouse in Atlanta.

1989 – We move to a new 25,000 square foot warehouse because of the growth in our CFS business. We sign an agreement to become the seizure warehouse in Atlanta for U.S. Customs.

1992 – We move again to a new 56,000 square foot warehouse. This accommodates our growing CFS and export business.

1993 – We are awarded the first and only CES contract in the Port of Atlanta. We continue to hold the CES designation today.

1994 – We expand to 75,000 square feet. We also start a relationship with Cargo Manager Systems to automate our warehouse services.

1996 – We move again to 136,000 square feet as we grow our distribution and storage business.

1999 – We enter the transportation business by providing our customers local and regional deliveries.

2001 – We celebrate our 20th anniversary by opening a 55,000 square foot warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2006 – We move again into a new warehouse built to our specifications. It encompasses 305,000 square feet over 17 acres.

2007 – We open a 129,000 square foot warehouse in Savannah, Georgia.

2011 – We have expanded again in Savannah with 227,500 square feet with potential for more growth

2012 – We rebranded from Hartsfield Warehouse to new name HWC Logistics due to an additional acquisition of our transportation partner Cargo Services.

2013 – We expanded in Atlanta with a $1 million dollar build out of our Corporate Headquarters for Customer Service and warehouse operations.

2014 – We purchase 2 million dollars in new Mack M-Drive Trucks and Freightliner Cascadia Sleepers. HWC is continually upgrading our fleet for improved fuel performance and environmentally responsible equipment.

2014 – We continue to expand our focus on technology with the roll-out of RF barcoding and scanning modules for our WMS Systems. Our TMS system continues to upgrade on the mobile platform allowing a greater degree of automation and EDI transactions with our customers.

2015 – We transition to a new WMS system powered by Ramp systems. The new technology allows us to communicate seamlessly with our customers on an EDI platform while enhancing our use of RF scan technology. All warehouse’s become Wi-Fi enabled.

2020 – HWC moved to a new 500,000 sq.ft warehouse to accommodate our growing customers.

2022- We have expanded again by moving our CFS to a new location, adding an additional 100,000 sq.ft.  Currently operating a combined space of 600,000 sq.ft.  Thanks to our customers!!