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HWC Logistics – Total Logistics Management

HWC Logistics is a single source provider of Distribution, Warehousing, Transportation, Import & Export Services.

At HWC we focus on and commit to providing customized cost effective solutions to our customers utilizing the wide range of integrated service capabilities we offer as a full service logistics provider.

Every client has unique needs. At HWC Logistics we utilize established best practices to meet your specific needs while delivering the flexibility that’s essential in today’s volatile business environment. Whether your business requires a single warehouse, a multi-client warehouse or an end-to-end distribution solution, HWC will meet the challenge. From physical location to postponement needs, inventory flows and transportation costs, HWC Logistics implements solutions that give you the perfect combination of quality service and cost savings all while aligning our services and processes with your corporate culture and business strategy. Click here to learn more about our capabilities and services.